Mark and I have been planning some different days out recently, and today we decided to head to Arundel.

Only about a 30 minute train journey from where we live – Arundel seemed like a perfect choice. I hadn’t been there since I was younger, so it was with a lot of excitement that we packed our bags and headed off for the day.

The sunshine was blazing overhead, and it was a pretty sweaty and packed train journey! However, we finally made it, and embarked on our adventure up to Arundel Castle.

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Tom Bomadil review

Pages: 298

Published by: Harper Collins

As a huge Tolkien and Tom Bombadil fan, I’ve wanted this book for years. It was really hard to find anywhere (other than pretty poor quality editions from like 50 years ago that I saw online), so it’s safe to say that when I saw this beautiful edition in Waterstones I may have definitely internally screamed like a little kid…

The Adventures Of Tom Bombadil is a collection of verses and poems written by Tolkien himself, and is another instalment of the history of the fascinating people from middle earth. It chronicles poems regarding Tom Bombadil (who is my favourite Lord Of The Rings character), and other charming poems, mainly concerned with legends and jests of the Shire at the end of The Third Age.

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