As soon as 2018 rolled around, I decided I would be challenging myself more this year.

There’s still tonnes I feel I haven’t yet learnt. From the fairly random to the more important, here’s a list of 23 things I haven’t yet learnt at 23!

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Introvert v extrovert

This is a bit of a personal post today, so please bear with me whilst I try and string my messy thoughts in to coherent sentences!

I am an extreme introvert. In basically every personality test I have ever taken the result has come back that I’m over 73% introverted, which is apparently quite an uncommonly high number. I often prefer my own company. I like having a small circle of friends. I like being isolated. I like being an introvert.

But sometimes, the 27% of me that intensely craves sociality will rear it’s head and catch me off balance. I often struggle with the internal fight between my introverted and extroverted sides. Can anyone relate? Here are my thoughts!

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2018 goals

2017 was a great year of achievements and new experiences for me! I’m super looking forward to seeing what 2018 will bring my way.

Here are some goals I’d love to achieve in 2018. I don’t completely buy in to New Year resolutions as I feel any time is as good as any to change! But, it is nice to have a fresh new start at the beginning of the year (especially as the first of Jan is a Monday, aka the most satisfying thing ever!)

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As it’s nearly Christmas (and Blogmas!) I thought i’d list my favourite Christmas movies. I absolutely love Christmas movies. One of my favourite things to do is to get all cosy in my pyjamas, fluffy bed socks, make a hot chocolate and watch a much loved Christmas film.

Some of these films are historical favourites, and some I’ve fallen in love with more recently. I’ve already watched one of these so far this year, but I’m looking forward to watching the rest this week!

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The Christmas Tag

Blogmas day 5! Today I’ll be answering the questions from the Christmas tag. Super excited to do this, as I love tag posts (and more importantly I love Christmas). I’ve added a few photos from various Christmases past so I can look back at some of the fun times I had with my family!

Only 20 days to go…

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