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Like many other book lovers, I’m a huge fan of Goodreads. The app does a top job of connecting users to readers, authors and the bookish community. It’s also a brilliant platform to showcase your book reviews and opinions.

I especially love the fact that it can work almost as a ‘to do list’ for books! As an avid lover of lists (and books), there’s nothing I love more than spending hours creating my ‘shelves’ on the app. However, I’m sure we could all agree that Goodreads isn’t perfect.

Here are the features and improvements I’d love to see Goodreads make and introduce. These suggestions are my opinions and informed by my 4+ years as an avid Goodreads user!

Half star reviews

This is the big one that I’m sure every Goodreads user is patiently waiting for. Because, sometimes half a star when deciding on how you’d review a book really does make all the difference!

Options to leave video reviews

Video reviews could be a cool way for some serial reviewers to carve out a bit of a niche, and would also save us all tonnes of time scrolling through to read every single review. Also, it would add a lot of personality to the people behind the book reviewers (similar to booktube).

I’m aware that only some would love this though, as I know a lot of book-lovers enjoy the anonymity of Goodreads. Also, it would be difficult for Goodreads to compete against the already established community that booktube can offer.

It will take you ‘x’ amount of time to read this book

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Goodreads could build an algorithm which tells you how long it will take you to finish your current book, based on your reading speed (as well as other factors such as the times you usually read, and how many books you read in an average week/month/year)?!

Yes, I know this would be a hell of a lot of work, but I know I for one would find this super cool. Imagine a ‘reading speed test’ built in to Goodreads that assesses how long it takes you to read certain text, then applies that formula depending on the size of your current read. I know this will probably never happen, but it’s something I’d definitely love! I’m a massive nerd for book consumption data. <3

Weekly/monthly reports, please!

I think it’d be awesome to get a weekly report from Goodreads, or maybe even monthly. This report could include the books you’ve read, the country of origin, average number of pages, genres, debut novels, authors etc. I guess the regularity of this report could (and should) depend on the number of books you usually read, but I’m thinking like your ‘year in books’ at the end of the year, just far more frequent and possibly more in-depth.

Set up a book challenge league with friends

Yes, you can see how many books you and your friends have all read and how you’re progressing within your ‘reading challenge’, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could set this up to work in a Fitbit league kind of way?

If you’ve got a group of friends who love to read, it could be super fun to compete against each other. And, whilst you’re at it Goodreads, why not include some built in functions for good old fashioned smack talk? I know I’d love that and it would definitely encourage me to both read more and spend more time within the app. 

I read 100 books last year thanks to my Goodreads challenge, but if I was competing against friends I possibly would have read even more.

I can imagine existing book communities loving this too. I can just see book-Twitter flocking over to compete!

So, there you have it. Just a selection of features and improvements I think would make Goodreads even better! I may release a part 2 to this, as I’ve just got some more ideas (some a little far-fetched)…

What Goodreads improvements and new features would you love to see? Let me know in the comments below!

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