How To Bust Out Of A Reading Slump

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We’ve all been there. Those days where you want nothing more than to have a reading session and get through your book pile when suddenly, the dreaded reading slump hits! So, how can you push through and get back into the mindset to read?

If you know me, follow me on social media or are a regular blog reader, you’ll know I read… a lot! However, getting in the mood to read and doing so isn’t always so easy! Here are my tips for busting out of a reading slump and getting back on track with your reading schedule.

1. Take a break!

So, this may seem really counter-intuitive. Yes, this post is about getting out of a reading slump so that you can read more. Surely taking a break will mean you read less, right?

Well, technically yes! However, when my interest in reading has been a little flat I find having a short break to focus on other hobbies and interests always leaves me feeling excited to open up a book and get through that wondrous pile when I come back to it!

Reading is like anything, the more you read the more bored of it you can become, so give yourself a few days or even a week off and you might find your love for and need to read come flying back.

2. Mix up the genre

I read many different book genres. However, I’ve found when I get stuck in reading a certain genre of book for too long it can become stale. Mixing up the genre and maybe even branching out into one you don’t typically read will keep your mind alert and excited for the next story.

If you read lots of fiction why not try some non fiction, or vice versa? I often find that after I’ve been reading lots of fantasy stories based around fictional worlds that it’s nice to come back down to earth a bit and read something based in fact! Flex those literary muscles and see if that helps to pull you out of your slump.

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3. Stagger book series

Okay, so I am definitely guilty of not doing this one! When I fall in love with a book series, I just want to read all of the books in one go. However, I’ve been trying to wean myself off of doing this recently.

My reasoning is simple, it can get samey! Reading about the same locations and characters can be as draining as it can be comforting. Also, I’ve definitely rushed through all of the volumes within a book series and missed lots of details in the narrative that I would have been more attentive to and enjoyed more if I had paced myself and hadn’t been so keen to finish.

This ties in to the point above – maybe if you’re reading a YA or Fantasy series mix it up and read a book from a completely different genre in the middle before going back to it? I find that when I’ve resisted the temptation to fire ahead and read the next book I’m actually more excited and eagerly anticipating the story when I do go back to it! It works for me, it could work for you too.

4. Set up a reading routine

So, this is one another one I definitely do not do. I am so avidly obsessed with reading that I will read anywhere and everywhere. Whether that’s on my commute, whilst walking down the road, in the bath, before bed – you name it and I’ve probably done it!

However, everyone is different! Many of my friends find themselves hitting a reading slump when their routine is a bit erratic. If that sounds like you, try to make some time for reading at a set time and in a set location everyday (or as often as possible). Of course, the stress of everyday life can make it hard to switch off and make time for this, but it’s also super important for self care – not to mention it will help you steam through that reading pile (yaaaas Goodreads challenge and personal reading goals).

5. Ask friends for reading recommendations

Nothing on your to-read pile taking your fancy? I know that feeling! I pretty much always have multiple books to read at any one time, but then lose interest in them all and go out to buy more.

I find when I’m in this mood, speaking to my friends and fellow online book lovers and asking for book recommendations can really help me!

Their excitement for the books they love can be contagious – but equally if they don’t like the book I find that intrigues me too as I want to form my own opinion. Goodreads is great for this too.

However, try not to fall into the trap of strolling through hundreds of reviews and procrastinating from reading! Yep, we’ve all been there…

There you have it! The 5 tips that help me to bust out of the dreaded reading slump!

What did you think of my tips? Do you have any others to share? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading, and…happy reading?

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