A long weekend in El Cucador, Spain – 2017


After years of telling her I’d come over to visit, I finally managed to get over and visit my Auntie Dee in Spain (she’s only been there 10 years!)

She lives in El Cucador, a small mountainous village in the Andalucia region of Spain.

My flight was at 5am from Gatwick, so me being an idiot – I decided it would be best for me to get the train up to the airport the night before, and wait around in departures… not realising that the North Terminal departure gate (where you go through security) didn’t open until 3… so I had about a 4 hour wait.

It wasn’t too bad though, there was a cafe there and I drank lots of coffee and watched anime to try and stay awake.

Once the gates for security did open, I was the first one through which was nice as I didn’t need to wait around in queues (the worst part of travelling for sure!)

I slept the majority of the flight which never usually happens as I find it difficult to sleep on planes. So, the 2 hour flight felt like it went past in no time at all.

Landed at Almeria airport, and my auntie was waiting for me. Was so nice to see her and give her a big cuddle. It had been about 10 months since I’d last seen her, so it was so nice to have this break with her. Took us about an hour to get back to her villa, and I packed my stuff away and headed straight to the balcony to soak up some sun and get some reading in… look how beautiful the view is though!

Most of the trip was spent relaxing, my auntie had to work a little whilst I was there, but I really just used the trip to get away and have a chance to unwind in the sunshine.

We went to Garrucha which is a lovely little harbour/seaside town, but a lot of the bars and restaurants were closed as it is out of season in Spain in September. Which was actually quite nice, as it meant it wasn’t too busy and full of tourists!

I also met my auntie’s good friends out there and headed to the local bar and restaurants in the evenings. On the first night I was there we had an amazing all you can eat Chinese meal, and I am not even joking I think I may have gone up about 5 times… opps!

It was just super nice to relax, spend time with my auntie and get to see where she lives out in Spain. We also met up with her boyfriend and went for some drinks and to play some pool, and the bar we went to had the most unbelievable view of the surrounding mountains.

Before I knew it, it was time for me to go home! Four days absolutely flew by… next time I’ll definitely book to go for a week. It was really hard to say goodbye to Dee Dee after having such a wonderful break away and time to catch up with her.

Hopefully next time Mark will be able to come with me, and we’ll have more time to explore!

Until next time España, you beautiful country!

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  1. October 2, 2017 / 4:32 pm

    Looks like you had an amazing break! It made me laugh that you had to wait around for ages before you could go through security, this is definitely something I would do haha!

  2. Natasha
    October 18, 2017 / 7:32 am

    The views 😍.

    • Georgie Pilbeam
      October 18, 2017 / 12:13 pm

      It’s so beautiful there! I really want to go back and maybe hire a car so I can explore a bit further x

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