5 Easy Ways To Read More On Your Commute!

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Wanting to read more on your commute, yet finding it difficult? It can be hard to stay focused, especially so early in the day!

I love reading during my morning commute, and I definitely cite my everyday 30 minute journey as one of the ways I read 100 books in one year so I thought I’d share my tips on how to make the most of your  commute and squeeze more reading in! I hope you’ll find them useful.

Invest in a good pair of headphones

There is nothing worse than trying to read on your early morning commute only to become distracted by the conversations of everyone surrounding you.

Invest in a good pair of headphones and you’ll find it’s far easier to focus on what you’re reading when you don’t have to become an intrusive listener to random conversations! (Side note: why do people talk so loudly into their phone when they’re on trains?)

Listen to soft music

I personally find it extremely difficult to read and to focus when I’m listening to heavy or distracting music.

My preferred music for a commute read is something ambient or focus based. I definitely steer clear of anything that has a heavy beat or catchy lyrics. Here are some playlists I’d recommend.

The Most Beautiful Songs in The World – this playlist is one of my recent loves:

Deep Focus – this is one of my favourites. I also listen to it a lot at work:

Don’t get sucked in to your phone!

I’m sure we’re all guilty of catching up with the world and checking our notifications on our way to work. But, all it can take is a few messages in the group chat and some strategically placed cat videos and that’s it – you’ve got sucked in and have missed your chance to get a good chunk of reading done!

To me, one of the most effective ways to make sure I read more on my commute is to turn off all phone notifications (or sometimes even just turn my phone off itself.)

Get there early to get a seat

Getting to your train or bus 5 minutes early and queuing first to get a seat may seem a bit unnecessary and ‘keen bean’ to some of you, but I promise you’ll be feeling pretty smug when you’ve bagged a window seat and are flipping through a great book, rather than clambering underneath people’s armpits in the aisle whilst wishing you were double jointed so you could actually get to your book.

Also, when your bus or train is delayed use this time to read too! If you’re a southern rail commuter like me, you’ll soon find that your delay time starts to quickly rack up. #BloodySouthernRail

Set yourself a goal

Because who doesn’t love having a goal to work towards?! Whether you set yourself a yearly book challenge on Goodreads or do something as simple as keeping a physical list of all the books you’ve read – having a visual indicator of how much you’re reading can definitely keep motivation up!

However, it can be difficult to set yourself a realistic goal. I’d recommend setting a lower goal to begin with and increasing it as you go along. There’s nothing worse than setting an original goal you could never achieve and losing motivation.

Follow these tips and I promise you’ll find it easier to read more on your commute, and in the long run end up reading far more books and smashing your reading goals!

Is there anything you do to help yourself read more on your commute that I’ve missed? Let me know below!

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